Automation with a human touch: give your training sessions a boost with a 7- or 15-day follow-up program, using SMS.
Easy-to-use, cheap and efficient! TXTR is the best way to add spaced learning and retrieval practice to your courses.

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One month after completing (or unsubscribing) a TXTR-program, we'll delete your telephone number and first name from the TXTR database.
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šŸ¤” Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to use my telephone number? No, TXTR uses a Belgian telephone number (+32 460 23 22 76) to send text messages. TXTR does not require your personal number to use as an admin.

  2. Do I need to use my cellphone? Nope. Everything is run online. We'll provide you with a login, and once you're inside the system, you can start creating the text messages from your laptop or your personal computer.

  3. Can I send media items? Unfortunately not. You can send text and URLs, but no images or videos.

  4. Can a subscriber reply to my text messages? Yes, if a subscribed user replies to one of your texts, you get a notification to visit the platform to check the incoming message.

  5. Can I respond to reply messages? Absolutely! You can respond to a subscriber's reply and start a conversation.

  6. Can someone call the TXTR-number? Yes, but when someone calls, (s)he will hear a robotic voice telling this is a strict text service.

  7. Do I need to use the Belgian number? At the moment, you do. But we're planning to add a US number shortly.

  8. How's pricing calculated? Each outgoing text costs ā‚¬ 0.10 per segment. And one segment is 160 characters. We've added an estimated cost per text per subscriber in our back-end platform. Incoming texts (replies from your audience) cost ā‚¬ 0.0075 per text segment of 160 characters.

  9. Why do I need to pay a project fee? To keep this service running, we demand a small annual fee of ā‚¬ 150 per project. A very small cost, compared to other learning platforms in our humble opinion.

  10. Can I keep on adding subscribers to the same project? Yes, once you've created your project, you can keep adding subscribers and you can keep changing the content. Without any extra fees.

  11. How do I add subscribers? Learners can register themselves via this website using their phone number and the access code. Or, you can do it for them, also using this site. Just go to https://txtr.it/#accesscode and fill out the form.

  12. How does invoicing work? The first month, you'll get an invoice with the annual project fee and the costs related to the sending and receiving of the text messages. After that, you'll receive monthly invoices with only the actual text costs.

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We need to manually approve your request. This process may take approximately 1 hour.
After that, you'll receive an e-mail with the access URL and some information to add content to your TXTR-program.

šŸ’” More information

You create a 7-day or 15-day follow-up program by adding your content. You also decide whether or not to send the text on a specific date. After that, you're good to go!

Is it really that simple? YES! All you trainees have to do is enroll in your program.

How about the cost? Well, you pay an annual project service fee of ā‚¬ 150 and a monthly charge based on the length of your messages (ā‚¬ 0,10 per text segment of 160 characters) and on the amount of subscribers to your TXTR-program.
Every month, we'll send you an overview of all sent messages and the associated costs.

Feel free to calculate an estimated cost, based on previous TXTR-projects (annual service fee NOT included).

You can find more answers to your questions on our FAQ page.

šŸ“ Thank you

You're all set to start receiving TXTR-messages. You'll receive the SMSs from a Belgian phone number: +32 460 23 22 76.
By the way, you can always stop the TXTR-program by replying STOP to one of the received messages.